Collomix Heavy Duty Forced-Action Mixer XM 2 650 (4667723808899)

Collomix Heavy Duty Forced-Action Mixer XM 2 650

Manufacturer: Collomix 
Product Code: XM 2 650

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Where mixing is expected to produce top results, the use of top products is a must. A prime example is the XM forced-action mixer from Collomix, which was developed specially for high performance. Wherever high quality mixing results and high throughput are of the essence, this is where the XM models come in. Be it multi-component materials, leveling compounds or fillers with a short pot-life – the XM provides a continuous supply of fresh material. Being highly mobile and compact, it is

Heavy duty forced-action mixer comes with 3 paddles and rimscraper 

  • XM--Mixing Quantity: 13 gal
  • Bucket Capacity: 17 gal
  • Voltage 110V, Output 1.5 hp
  • Two Mixing Tools for different viscosities
  • Two mixing speeds for flexible use
  • Rotational Speed 120/630 RPM
  • Empty Weight 231 lb
  • High performance
  • Rugged design
  • Planetary gearing
  • Changeable mixing tools
  • Two mixing speeds
  • Timer switch
  • Mobile mixing bucket
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