Collomix Heavy Duty Portable Mixer LevMix 65 (4671996035203)

Collomix Heavy Duty Portable Mixer LevMix 65

Manufacturer: Collomix 
Product Code: LEVMIX65

  • $4,149.99

Blending of leveling compounds fast and easy with the new Collomix LevMix 65 mobile mixer. The LevMix 65 unites three steps in one operation: mixing, transporting and pouring. Save time and mix up to three bags plus of mixing material at once. Dust free operation with practical connection for the vacuum cleaner.

Perfectly designed for: Floor leveling compounds and levelers, leveling fillers, leveling compounds, pouring screed, fiber-reinforced fillers, colored surfacing materials, colored coatings, liquid plastics, etc.

Mix and pour self-leveling compounds for perfect results

  • One man operation
  • Consistently superb and reproducible mixing results
  • Pouring without repotting
  • Large mixing capacity (3 bags)
  • Maximum mobility
  • Dust protection

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