Collomix Forced-Action Pan Mixer TMX 1000 (4671851954307)

Collomix Forced-Action Pan Mixer TMX 1000

Manufacturer: Collomix 
Product Code: TMX1000

  • $3,999.99

The forced-action pan mixer ColloMatic® TMX 1000 is suitable for up to 20 gals of mixing material. Ruggedly constructed, this compact mixer can cope well with construction site conditions. The automatic mixer TMX 1000 is particularly suitable for processing dry and highly-viscous materials such as numerous types of mortar, stucco, grout and concrete. Its main attributes are speed, mobility and reliability – so it saves time, energy and money.

Mixer for mixing up pre-bagged building materials with ease. For high-viscosity materials including concrete, many types of mortar, plasters, cements, stucco. Not suitable for thin flowing materials


Includes rimscraper, corner scraper and bottom scraper.

Technical Data:

  • Size of mixing tub 26 gal.
  • Max. effective mixing volume 20 gal. / 2 cu ft.
  • Power supply 110 V / 15 A
  • Power 2.7 hp
  • Three Arm-Speed mixing tool 40 rpm


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