Collomix Low Viscosity Paddle DLX (4698376405123)

Collomix Low Viscosity Paddle DLX

Manufacturer: Collomix 
Product Code: DXL120HF

  • $79.99

The DLX mixing paddle was specially developed for the optimum preparation of thin-bed mortar for the cementing of concrete precision blocks. The two turbine blades, fitted one above the other, provide a strong flow of material to prevent the formation of lumps.

  • Leveling Compound
  • Slurry
  • Bitumen-Free Sealing
  • Cementi­tious Grout
  • The fast double-tier turbo mixer
  • Optimal flow conditions when used with high-speed drives
  • Ideal for all liquid and spreading materials

Area of operation: Liquid materials like wall paints, epoxy-resin, leveling compounds, lacquers, liquid plastics, etc.

DLX 120 HF 3.9 - 8.0 gals ¾” HEXAFIX®
DLX 152 HF 8.0 - 13.2 gals ¾” HEXAFIX®
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