Collomix Counter Rotating Mixer AOX (4667568291971)

Collomix Counter Rotating Mixer AOX

Manufacturer: Collomix 
Product Code: AOX

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Stationary mixer with high-speed rotating paddle (two styles included) as well as side/corner/bottom scraper to push materials into the paddle for thorough mixing. In addition, there is a second motor beneath the mixing tub that rotates the turnstyle in the opposite direction of the paddles for more thorough and complete mixing.

Applications and Uses:

Because of the interchangeable mixing paddles, this mixer is suitable for a variety of materials: mortar, cement, plaster, stucco, floor leveling and more

Technical data:

Size of mixing tub: 17gal/65L
Capacity: Max. 15 gal or 3 bags
Voltage: 110 V
Speed of mixing tool: 750 rpm
Horsepower: 1.3hp, Weight: 112.5lb

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