Non Stop Scaffolding

Non-Stop is your best, cost-effective choice for any height wall. Because Non-Stop is a modular system of independent 7-foot-wide towers, you can set up cut-up walls with lots of inside and outside corners, bump-outs, insets, even radius walls, just as fast as a straight wall. Non-Stop will work for you everyday, on every job, on every wall, not parked on the yard waiting for the next right job to come along. Non-Stop can go everywhere a mast-climber can go... but mast-climbers can’t go to all the places Non-Stop goes.

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New to the Concept of Elevating Scaffolding?

Curious why so many contractors near you are going to it? We have compiled some information, what industry calls "white papers," to give you a jump-start.

Click on these pdf reports to get you started:
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Cut Your OSHA Scaffold Fines to Zero
I'm Not Sure My Men Will Like It...
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