Non-Stop Standard Duty

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Non-Stop Standard-Duty.

The first and only adjustable scaffolding that makes you money on walls ONLY 6 FEET HIGH!

• Double gear reduction winch on the back is easy to crank when loaded.

• Scaffold the wall first and lay the first course off the scaffold.

• The laborers have three planks in the braced bays, and three planks plus a cut plank in the open bay. You can land 40-inch pallets in the open bays.

• You have 2 boards for your workbench in the braced bays and three boards in the open bays - plenty of room for materials and a mortar board.

• The masons' walkboards are stored completely out of the way under the workbench. Pull out the walkboard support and slide the boards over when you want them. That can be when you get scaffold-high, or right after the first course on muddy jobs. No more moving your men and losing 20 minutes worth of production!


New to the Concept of Elevating Scaffolding?

Curious why so many contractors near you are going to it? We have compiled some information, what industry calls "white papers," to give you a jump-start.

Click on these pdf reports to get you started:

Are Mast-Climbers For You?

Do Bricklayers Really Work Faster On Adjustable Scaffolding?

Cut Your OSHA Scaffold Fines to Zero

I'm Not Sure My Men Will Like It...

Also, see Why It Works










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