Wallenstein GX920XT Compact Backhoe

Manufacturer: Wallenstein 
Product Code: GX920XT

  • $12,008.00

Get the most out of your land and your tractor with the GX series compact backhoe. Landscaping, excavating and trenching soon become easy tasks with the digging power and reach of the GX series.

The large GX920XT extends the usefulness of 45–100 HP tractors with digging capabilities of up to 11 feet 4 inches deep, with the use of our extendible boom. Trenching for footings and excavating to spec becomes quick and easy without the added expense of a single-purpose excavator. The digging bucket is built using AR400-strength steel, ensuring rugged longevity.

• 9’4” Digging Depth
• 11’4” Digging Depth (Extended)
• 141” Reach from Post Swing
• 164” Reach from Post Swing (Extended)
• 30-100 HP Range (Tractor)
• 30-100 HP Range (Skidsteer)
• 180° Bucket Rotation
• 180° Swing Arc
• 10.5” Ground Clearance
• 980 lbs. Total Weight
• Requires Min. 5 gpm Hydraulic Flow

Price does not include mounting kit or bucket.








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