Husqvarna FS 3500 E Flat Saw

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Husqvarna FS 3500 E Flat Saw

Product Code: 965 15 18-28
Manufacturer: Husqvarna
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The Husqvarna FS 3500 E features a well-balanced, low profile design. The design makes it an ideal saw for small to medium jobs.

  • Cutting depth, max: 304.8 mm
  • Rated input power: 22 kW
  • Blade diameter, max: 750 mm


  • Ideal for medium to small service and repair jobs when cutting concrete or asphalt indoors. 
  • An electric flat saw perfect for use when no exhaust emissions are permitted. 


  • Slip-on blade guard has an auto-latch to clamp the guard securely to the saw. It also has a wide, tapered guard spade and a replaceable blade guard hinge to aid in removing and installing the blade guard. 
  • Lift bail is standard for easy loading and unloading.
  • Box frame is the most rigid available and provides long life and less stress on the bladeshaft and bearings. 
  • Dual arbors allow the blade to me mounted on either end of the bladshaft for right or left cutting. 


  • Easy to operate: Well-balanced design with a low profile gives you high visibility and makes it easy to handle and transport.
  • Compact unibody frame: The compact one-piece unibody frame (with a jig-welded reinforced plate chassis) allows passage through a 36" doorway.
  • Emergency stop switch: Emergency stop switch shuts off power to the 12-volt system and to the electric motor control circuit.
  • Softstart standard: The included Softstart feature gives a more controlled (softer) start and reduces the current spike that can "trip" circuit breakers.
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