Refurbished Walkie Stacker - Refurbished (7677672358104)

Refurbished Walkie Stacker

Manufacturer: Canadian Equipment Outfitters (CEO) 
Product Code: MSW040E

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MSW040E stacker is your reliable lift truck that exceeds application requirements and raises productivity. Ergonomically designed to improve comfort and reduce fatigue, the innovative control handle and fingertip variable lift and lower functions greatly enhance efficiency.

Yale® motorized hand trucks combine the latest in state-of-the-art technology and er-
gonomics making Yale the leader for masted walkie applications.

Controls: Travel direction and speed are selected by rotating the actuator in the desired direction of travel. The butterfly throttle control provides multiple grip positions minimizing operator fatigue. The stationary portion of the handle minimizes wrist movement and provides a solid grip while maneuvering the truck. This assures additional stability while driving the truck. The bottom-mounted tiller handle optimizes the operating position.

Lift, Lower and Horn push-buttons are conveniently located on the handle. Right
hand push-buttons provide variable speed lift/lower for accurate load placement. Left
hand push-buttons are used to control either single speed lift/lower or an optional side-

The Traction Reversing Switch located on top of the handle simultaneously reverses
trucks direction and sounds the horn should it come in contact with the operator. The wrap around design provides protection through the full range of handle movement. This switch is reset when the direction control is returned to neutral or the handle is moved to the brake “on” position.

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