Pave Tech SandSCREED PRO

Manufacturer: Pave Tech 
Product Code: 022313A

  • $1,194.99

Screed simply by pulling without the need to  force the blade edge down into the material.  By using the weight of the sand within the blade’s profile arc, SandSCREED PRO maintains downward pressure, keeping it’s edge down for you. Offers quick width adjustment without tools. Use as a standard screed board or with the Handle Set.

There are also Positionable Handle Brackets that allow you to attach the handles anywhere along the screed profile. With curb or pavement next to the area being screeded, you can eliminate at least 1 screed pipe and utilize the adjustable Screed Guides on either end of the SandSCREED PRO. The guides adjust from 0 to 5 inches. There is also a built in Level Indicator – anytime you need a straight edge and level or a quick check for drainage.

  • Sickle shape profile design “cuts” into bedding sand reducing lift
  • Adjustable Screed Guide on both ends adjust up to 5 in
  • (13 cm) to screed off an existing curb or pavement
  • Level Indicator (bubble) incorporated into the top of the profile
  • With the Positionable Handle Brackets, the handle set connects anywhere across the profile – allowing one person to screed standing up when fully expanded







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