Pave Tech Sandroo with 47" Serrated Sport Blade

Manufacturer: Pave Tech 
Product Code: 044450

  • $1,949.99

The new SandROO by PAVE TECH was developed to meet the needs of sand sport court maintenance. First introduced at the 2016 AVP Championship in Chicago, it has gained popularity with volleyball clubs around the country. Up until now, the most common way to rake out the sand was with long tooth rakes. The SandROO’s solid, serrated blade makes it easier and faster to move and level the sand. The large air-filled tires makes it very easy to maneuver around and over rough terrain. Ideal for anyone that has to maintain large sand areas . . . volleyball courts, playgrounds, equestrian areas . . . just to name a few of the possibilities.

  • Meets the needs of sand court maintenance
  • Replaces the cumbersome, slow long rake
  • Solid, serrated sport blade
  • Large, air-filled tires
  • Great for volleyball courts, playgrounds, equestrian areas, etc.





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