Pave Tech WallSplitter (1052770566180)

Pave Tech WallSplitter

Manufacturer: Pave Tech 
Product Code: 430010

  • $2,390.99

Designed to split concrete products only (not for natural stone)
For natural stone see StoneSPLITTER, Electric/Hydraulic SPLITTER and MegaSPLITTER
  • Provides same look & texture as split faced block when making corner units
  • Large two sided loading table
  • One side solid mounted for perfect 90º splits
  • Tiltable to enable undercuts or double angle cuts
  • Can also be used for pavers
  • Perfect alternative to saw cutting
  • Floating upper blades ensure uniform contact for clean, crisp splits
  • Four-sided blades enable rotating to a fresh blade when blade becomes dull
  • Cutting length: 17"
  • Cutting height 12"

WARNING – When Splitting wall blocks do not align blade with the block groove, this may break the table of a Splitter. Not recommended or warranted for use on natural stone.





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