Pave Tech QuickClamp FTZ-Uni 15

Manufacturer: Pave Tech 
Product Code: 53100256

  • $4,508.99

Ideal for installing stair treads, curbs, blocks & slabs as well as rough-cut natural stone products such as rocks and boulders with ease. QuickCLAMPs save time and reduce labor by eliminating the need to attach cables to embedded lifting anchors or to wrap slings under product for lifting. After a product is set in place the clamp is quickly and easily lifted off without aid, eliminating the difficult task of removing slings from beneath heavy stone. The additional Inside Height Adjustment Bracket set works with the UNI; controlling the depth of where the grippers grab when working with materials less than 10 in (25 cm) tall. Automatic Lock and Release Mechanism is standard on all QuickCLAMPs. The QuickCLAMP UNI FTZ comes standard with non-marking gray grippers. Urethane grippers are also available for use on rough texture surfaces.

  • Opening Range 0 – 31 in (0 – 78.7 cm)
  • Inside Height 10 in (22.5 cm)
  • Gripper Length 16.5 in (42 cm)
  • Lifting Capacity 3,300 lb (1,500 kg)






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