Oztec 7' Rebar Shaker Shaft (6632073003168)

Oztec 7' Rebar Shaker Shaft

Manufacturer: Oztec 
Product Code: FS RBS 07

  • $599.99

The Oztec Rebar Shaker 7' flexible shaft is required to use the rebar shaker with the Oztec gas powered backpack power units.

Quick Disconnect Feature 
Oztec's Quick Disconnect feature, allows shaft removal from the power unit with the twist of a lever. The lightweight and bearing-less coupling allows the job to be done in seconds without any tools. This fitting will not rust or seize.

When transmitting power from the power source to the vibrating head, select one of Oztec's flexible shafts. Oztec Flexible Shaft inner cores are made from extra-high carbon steel wires with casings made from tough abrasion resistant neoprene rubber, reinforced with multiple layers of high tensile wire braiding with a hardened flat steel liner. This construction makes Oztec Flexible Shafts rigid enough for driving into the stiffest concrete without kinking yet limber and non-slip for easy and effective handling. Oztec Flexible Shafts are interchangeable on all Oztec power units.

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