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Reach Every Light Fixture and All Your A/V Equipment, Safely and Easily Over Any Floor Layout

The Light Bulb Scaffold™ System solves your access problems in

  • Auditoriums – over the rows of seats.
  • Churches – above the pews, balconies, and choir loft.
  • Theaters with stadium seating.
  • Lectures halls with fixed desks and stadium seating.
  • Stepped balconies.

Now you can own a scaffold system your own people can use safely and comfortably in places that used to be impossible to access. Stop spending money on rentals and outside contractors.

The secret to the Light Bulb Scaffold™ System’s versatility is its Spanner Kit consisting of 4 interlocking beams and 4 legs. The 35-pound beams lock together to make a rigid base for the tower. The legs on the corners of the base adjust up and down over a 5-foot range to make up for uneven floor levels. You can build the tower over just about any floor obstruction, and on steps or slopes.

  • Low initial investment. 
  • Sets up in about 24 minutes with 2 men. No tools required.
  • No part weighs more than 35 pounds.
  • Comes with casters to roll it along the rows.
  • Goes where electric lifts can't, at less than half the cost.
  • Versatile – adapts to virtually any floor plan.
  • Easy to transport and store. Two rolling storage racks fit through any 3-foot doorway.
  • Safe and sturdy – meets all OSHA regs.
  • Zero maintenance costs.

The LBS system stores in rolling racks you take right to the exact place you need your tower. In between jobs you can easily roll them into a corner of a storage room.

The Frame Rack measures only 32 inches wide by 52 inches long and 6 feet high. It will fit through a standard 3-foot doorway, and takes up less than 12 square feet of storage space.

The Parts Rack stores all the braces, beams, aluminum boards, guardrails, etc. There is even a metal box built in (on the left end) to store your casters and any small parts.

The Parts Rack measures only 28 inches wide by 79 inches long and 3 feet high. It will fit through a standard 3-foot doorway, and takes up less than 16 square feet of storage space.

The racks are easy to transport in a pickup truck, and they will fit side-by-side on a 5-by-8 utility trailer. 

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