Kress Prosumer - 60V Blower 750 CFM

Kress Prosumer - 60V Blower 750 CFM

Manufacturer: Kress 
Product Code: KG560

  • $419.99

Kress lithium-ion battery-powered blowers have set the new benchmark in handheld blower airflow. Extreme power makes your most difficult clean-up jobs a breeze. Without fuel mixing, starter cords, and chokes, your blower is ready when you are. Enjoy professional-level performance without the complexity of a typical gas-powered blower.

  • Kress-built brushless motor delivers more power, longer runtime and extended lifespan compared to brushed motors
  • Adjustable speed control: 1,2,3 speeds + turbo for low to high power blowing requirements.
  • Turbo mode for an added boost of power at the push of a button for those heavy-duty needs.
  • Axial in-line fan for extreme power and efficiency.
  • Air amplifier technology allows the operator to control the airflow for increased efficiency on different job types. Slide the nozzle forward for additional airflow and a wider path. Slide rearward for maximum air speed and a narrower path.
  • Part of Kress 60V battery system, one 60V battery can power all Kress 60V tools.

Key features

  • High performance brushless motor
  • 4 Speeds: 1, 2, 3, & Turbo
  • Variable air control blower nozzle
  • On/off trigger control
  • Axial fan
  • Air amplifier technology
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