Imer Combicut 250/1500VA Lite Tile Saw

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1188180

  • $3,699.99

The Combicut 250/1500 VA Lite is an electric tile cutter designed to cut today’s porcelain plank tiles. Precision cast aluminum components combined with very careful assembly makes for a saw which is accurate, light and extremely reliable. The 250/1500 VA Lite is designed for those jobs that are smaller in nature, and the materials being cut are not that thick.


  • All new 1.75 h.p. motor. Cuts are made quickly and quietly. 
  • Plunge cuts are smooth and precise as the cast aluminum cutting head pivots on a sealed bushing. "L" cuts for door jams are now quick and simple!
  • Very lightweight, heavy-duty saw - Only 125 lbs.!
  • The Combicut 250/1500 VA Tile saw can cut up  to 5 ft. in length!
  • When 45 degree cuts are needed, just tilt the travel beam, Simple and accurate. 
  • The motor on the Combi 250VA was designed specifically for this saw. Hi-torque at low r.p.m. delivers fast, chip free, cutting performance.
  • The cast aluminum protractor is the only truly accurate rip guide in the industry.
  • The extruded aluminum travel bar design provides a smooth accurate cut. Maintenance is minimal, just spray n’ wipe with WD-40.
  • Aircraft quality cast aluminum materials make for a rigid and light weight saw which will maintain its finish for years to come.
  • Side table included to support large format tiles 
  • Complete with high flow water pump
  • Precision water valve
  • A laser guide comes standard with every Combi 250 series. Mark the line of your cut on the material, line it up with the laser, and go!
  • Included protractor with 180°
  • Integrated stand with wheel kit
  • High impact poly water pan
  • Long handle for easy reach and smooth pull through

Imer Combicut 250/1500VA Lite Tile Saw Specifications

Motor 110 V, 15 amp
Power 1.75 hp
Blade Speed 2,800 RPM
Blade Diameter 10 in
Arbor 5/8 in
Depth of Cut 3.75 in
Length of Cut (w/ Plunge Cut) 57 in (60 in)
Water Pan Capacity 13 gal
Water Pump Flow 3 GPM
Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 76 in x 24 in x 25 in









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