IMER Combicut 200VA

IMER Combicut 200VA - FREE DEPOT SHIPPING (Conditions Apply)

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1188084

  • $1,699.99

The Most Accurate, Lightweight Tile Saw Made Today. 

Designed and built to last, the Combi 200VA is equally at home in the hands of the professional installer or the first time user.

8 Inch TILE SAW 1 3/4HP 110V w/24 Inch CUT - TILTS TO 45 DEGREES

  • All new combi tile, stone and porcelain saw.
  • Light weight! Only 45 lbs
  • Rip cut 24", diagonally cuts 16"x 16" tile
  • Adjustable cutting head makes plunge cuts and L cuts a snap

    Blade diameter 8"
    Blade shaft diameter 5/8"
    Max. cutting length (w/plunge cut) 21" (24")
    Max. cutting depth 2 ¾"
    Motor rating - 1.75 h.p. 110v, 15 amp
    Blade speed 2.800 r.p.m.
    Weight (boxed, includes stand) 48 lbs. (68 lbs.) Real light!
    Water pan capacity 5 gal.
    Water pump flow 3 g.p.m.
    Noise level 78 db(A) It’s real quiet!
    Length 35" (37")
    Height 19" (22")
    Width 18" (20")








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