IMER Carry 105 Electric Tracked Mini-Dumper

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 5222210001HD

  • $26,899.99

Ecological Without Compromise 

The electric power Carry 105 mini-dumper is the ideal solution to satisfy the requirements of handling materials in closed spaces and indoor job sites, and sensitive places such as schools, hospitals and in rooms with little ventilation, where it is essential to work without gases, fumes or noise.

Technical Specification:

  • Engine: Electric
  • Power: 2.95 hp
  • Batteries: Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (Li-Fe-P04) 90 Ah 36V rated batteries
  • Battery life (with self-loading shovel, according to KATO IMER cycle): 2.5 hrs
  • Operating load: 882 lbs
  • Basic machine weight: 716 lbs
  • Payload weight: 110 lbs
  • Bucket weight with shovel: 231 lbs
  • Bed weight: 143.3 lbs
  • Speed: 2 mph
  • Payload capacity: 7.77 cu ft
  • Max allowed slope when loaded*: 11 degrees -20%**

(*) Guide with operator on the ground, where applicable
(**) Variable based on the configuration


Standard Equipment:

​​​• Includes tipping bucket        
• Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (Li-Fe-PO4) 90 Ah 36V rated batteries 

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