Husqvarna DM 540i Core Drill

Manufacturer: husqvarna 
Product Code: 970 49 37-06

  • $4,499.99

Husqvarna DM 540i is a powerful battery drill motor optimised for handheld drilling of diameters up to 75 mm. It can be used in light reinforced concrete for both wet and dry drilling and other suitable materials include bricks and light weight blocks. DM 540i can be used with the DS 150 drill stand for drilling of diameters up to 100 mm and with built-in connectivity, you can easily monitor machine location, runtime, service intervals and receive wireless updates through FOTA (firmware over the air). Power is supplied by BLi-series batteries and the machine is compatible with Husqvarna BLi200/BLi300 batteries. Ease of use and exceptional ergonomic characteristics such as low weight and a well-balanced machine body make it an excellent choice for drilling underneath sinks, in narrow corners or other tight spaces. Other applications include plumbing pipes, electrical sockets, cables, ventilation and air conditioning installations.

Drill bit diameter handheld, max: 3 in

Drill bit diameter with stand, max: 4 in


    • Increased productivity: Without the need for power from the grid or time-consuming equipment set-up procedures, productivity is increased.
    • Exceptional ergonomics: Ergonomic design, low weight and a well-balanced machine body deliver easier, more comfortable operation in tight spaces without putting excess strain on your body.
    • Flexible and efficient: Can be used outdoors or indoors, and for wet or dry drilling. Combined with our drill stand, it enables a flexible, efficient working day.
    • Easy to operate and manage: Thanks to a lower rotational energy through a permanent magnetic motor in combination with advanced motor control, the motor stops quickly if the drill gets stuck. This makes it easy to operate and manage the power in the handles created by the stop torque.

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