Husqvarna AME Concrete Vibrators (1356605390884)

Husqvarna AME Concrete Vibrators

Manufacturer: Husqvarna 
Product Code: 967 85 78-01

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The Husqvarna AME 1600 is a versatile system designed for
occasional concrete pouring applications. Just plug into a regular
wall socket to let the combination of high frequency electric power
and mechanic force do the job for you.
The low-weight portable electric drive unit and numerous
configurations make this system ideal when pouring floors, slabs,
beams, columns and pillars in housing.
All shafts and vibrators in this system are equipped with quick
couplings for ease of assembly. Instant speed and power from the
drive unit provides rapid acceleration contributing to the
outstanding performance.


Voltage, V–p–Hz 115V–1–50/60Hz
Power, hp (kW) 2.25 (1600)
Amperage, (A) 14
Speed, rpm 12 000
Cable length, ft (m) 16 (5)
Weight, lbs (kg) 13.5 (6.1)
Weighted effective acceleration, m/s² 4.16
Sound power Lpa dB(A) 77








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