EZG HTP10W Poly Hog Trough w/ Wheels (7677397829)

EZG HTP10W Poly Hog Trough w/ Wheels

Manufacturer: EZG Manufacturing 
Product Code: HTP10W

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The Poly Hog Trough® is made of extremely hard, nonstick polyethylene. They are highly resistant to damage typical of heavy construction sites. The polyethylene functions in all temperatures and will not crack in cold weather.
Because of the Poly Troughs' nonstick surface, a simple wash will clean grout and cement in minutes. The poly troughs also fit nicely on our Hog Carts®.
Available in Standard and Heavy Duty
  • Empty weight 82 lbs. (37.19 kg)
  • Capacity 10 cu.ft. (.28 m3)
  • Overall dimensions  57" × 28" × 24"







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