EZG HP20 Hog Pump (7663969349)

EZG HP20 Hog Pump

Manufacturer: EZG Manufacturing 
Product Code: HP-20

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The triple use Hog Pump handles most types of construction material and is designed specifically for grout, mortar and concrete. The front can be hitched onto a truck trailer to easily bring to job sites.
The pump's valve uses a reversible S-Tube which is safer and easier to use than traditional ball valve designs. The HP-20 is ideal for large pump jobs requiring grout, mortar or even pea stones.
  • Triple use: Grout, Mortar and Concrete
  • Works well for close-up shotcrete
  • Ideal for filling black walls with grout or pea-rock
  • Delivers up to 20 yd3 per hour
  • Features an 8 cu.ft. hopper
  • Handles up to ¾" aggregate
  • Fully reversible S-Tube valve for increased ease and safety over "ball valve" designs
  • Pumps up to 20 yd3 per hour
  • Plus 1 control system with a DP250 digital display for diagnostic & monitoring
  • 8 cu.ft. hopper capacity
  • Handles up to ¾" aggregate
  • Horizontal pumping distance 800 ft.; Vertical is 200 ft.
  • Piston face PSI: 650
  • 4" bore
  • 30" stroke
  • Powered by a 50HP CAT Diesel engine

Wireless Remote Available

  • with throttle control, pumping action, and E‐stop (1000‐A‐48)










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