EZG Hog Leg® Extension Kit

Manufacturer: EZG Manufacturing 
Product Code: GHL14EXTKIT

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  • Kit weight 3790 lbs. (1719 kg)
  • Orange powder-coat finish (standard)
  • Overall kit dimensions   89" × 43" × 26"
  • Galvanized  or powder coated finish for enhanced durability
  • Extension kit to brace higher and farther with your existing Hog Legs®


  • Hog Leg Kicker Pipe Assembly - 2 7/8"OD (HL-503)
  • Hog Leg Kicker Pipe Assembly - 2 3/8"OD (HL-504)
  • Hog Leg Brace Screw Adjustment Assembly - Bottom (HL-A-1)
  • Hog Leg Brace Swivel Assembly (HL-A-2)
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