EZG Hog Cart

Manufacturer: EZG Manufacturing 
Product Code: HC

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One of the most versatile and well-loved EZG products, the Hog Cart® can withstand rocky and uneven terrain without dropping loads. Our cart comes equipped with pockets and brakes to make load transport easier and safer than ever before.
EZG's Hoist Hog® and Hog Cart are designed to work together to lift material without spilling. Simply fit the Hoist Hog's cage over your filled cart and fasten the pieces into place. These two products together make moving heavy loads more efficient.
  • Avoid maintenance hassles and the expense of broken wheels on your mud pan
  • Use to move brick, block or your Hog Trough® (sold separately)
  • Built to withstand even the most rugged job-site
  • Includes forklift pockets and safety brakes
  • Wheels easily on scaffold and into your Hoist Hog
  • Corner pockets allow 2" × 4" handles to be used
  • Largest Hog Cart available designed to hold block
  • Maximum capacity 3000 lbs.
    (1360.8 kg)
  • Empty weight 230 lbs.
    (104.3 kg)
  • Overall dimensions
    (L × W × H)
    61" × 26.5" × 13"

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