Grout Grunt Model II Masonry Scoop

Manufacturer: Grout Grunt 
Product Code: GROUT GRUNT II

  • $75.99

GROUT GRUNT™ Saves time, saves money, makes grouting easier!


Put away your shovels and your buckets, the GROUT GRUNT™ II effectively and efficiently places mixed grout, or any other high density material in CMU 50% faster than conventional methods. Made from injected, molded, high-density plastic, the GROUT GRUNT™ will withstand your toughest jobs.


  • Lightweight – the Grunt II weighs just 2 lbs. empty (approximately 50 lbs. full)
  • Excellent for low-lift grouting, no pump set-up, hoses or clean-up.
  • Great for extended-set grout, mortar, pea stone, sand and water.
  • The safer way to hand deliver grout – faster and easier!
  • Saves time (up to 50% faster) – makes money!
  • Designed for the user – ergonomically friendly!
  • Grout cleaner – no more stains on walls!
  • Made from rugged plastic, the GROUT GRUNT™ II is easy to fill…easy to carry…easy to clean
  • Monolithic, Easy-To-Clean Design – made from one-piece plastic, the Grunt II is sturdy, rugged & durable
  • Also great for filling sandbags, gardening, yard work, large animal feeding and more.

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