EZG RMHE36 Refractory Mud Hog (1311474679844)

EZG RMHE36 Refractory Mud Hog

Manufacturer: EZG Manufacturing 
Product Code: RMHE36 - 460V/3PH

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  • Hydraulic dump and drive
  • Reversible mixing paddles to prevent clogging
  • Vertical paddle orientation to cut through material for a homogeneous mix
  • Loads below waist level and dumps high to lessen the backaches
  • Fork pockets accessible from all sides
  • Adjustable legs and outriggers for stability
  • Patented rubber blades provide longer wear
  • Variable speed control to accommodate separate mix designs
  • Bolt-in abrasion resistant drum liners
RMH36 Specifications
  • 3000 lb. (1361 kg) drum capacity
  • Will mix up to ¾" (1.9 cm) aggregate
  • Empty weight 6000 lbs. (2722 kg)
  • Hydraulic dump system
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • 60-gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • Overall dimensions (L × W × H) 156" × 52" × 56"
  • Power Source
    • 3PH/460V
    • 3PH/600V
  • Solid grating available to minimize dust
  • Water bar with re-settable meter for easy filling
  • Bolt-in abrasion resistant drum liners
  • Custom modifications available upon request







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