EZG Progressive Cavity Hog Pump (7681062731992)

EZG Progressive Cavity Hog Pump

Manufacturer: EZG 
Product Code: HP-38

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Multi-Use Delivery Systems
Built to be rugged, robust and reliable, EZG's line up of pumps handle most types of construction material with ease. Designed specifically for grout, mortar and concrete, the line-up offers both skid-steer and trailer hitch models for easy transport to and from job sites.
With 3 different models to select from, each built to suit the budgets, reach and transport needs of just about any contractor, EZG's got a hog for everyone.

HP-38 / 38SM / 38SS Features:
• Handles self-consolidating, 3/8" ready mix and light-weight concrete as well as masonry grout, pour & form; shotcrete and slurry.
• Progressive cavity pumping with variable speed hydraulics and reversible functionality
• Handles 3/8" (10 mm) pea gravel
• Features an 8 cu.ft. (225 L) hopper
• Delivers up to 10-15 cu.yd. (7.6 - 11.5 m3) per hour with a 2" (50 mm) line
• Diesel and electric power supply options

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