EZG Hog Waller (4563025526915)

EZG Hog Waller - Concrete/Masonry Wall Scrubber

Manufacturer: EZG Manufacturing 
Product Code: HW3000

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EZG Manufacturing has launched a new piece of equipment for scrubbing masonry/concrete walls and they are calling it the Hog Waller. (Did you really think they would leave out the “hog” verbiage!). EZG is known for their orange equipment and their hog logo. The new Hog Waller represents the brand well.

This piece of equipment is very light weight with the total machine weighing only 12 lbs. The reach extends from 51” to 65”. What makes it worth the buy, is that it does the work of four to five men, making this a very efficient product in terms of production and quality.

The machine has a 7” abrasive disc and a 10” guard with a built-in vacuum. Attached to the vacuum is an 81” hose which then attaches to the vacuum collection bag. The vacuum bag has two straps making it easy to place on your back while working. This provides you with the flexibility to move around with ease. The is also a LED flashlight connected to the Hog Waller for areas of low visibility.

The Hog Waller is a durable and easy to use machine that is a must-have on a jobsite

  • Machine weight 12 lb. (5 kg) • Extends from 51” to 65”
  • • 10” guard with built in vacuum
  • • 7” abrasive disc • Vacuum bag with 81” hose
  • • Comes with carrying case 
  • • LED flashlight provided
  • • Quicker, easier wall clean-up
  • • Does the work of 4 to 5 men to save money and time
  • • Durable and easy to service

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