Danish Tools Carbide Trimming Discs - Black (1367940825124)

Danish Tools Carbide Trimming Discs - Black

Manufacturer: Danish Tools 
Product Code: DT218

  • $176.99

A trimming disc designed for working in heat sensitive materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, plastic and copper.

Time saving when used for repairing fiberglass boats as this process will be much faster than if sanding down the fiberglass.

If you need to trim of some aluminum this tool will work fast and is easy to handle, without heating up the aluminum, could be in the production or repair of trains or trucks.

Fast working when removing paint and rust of ships.

Can ideally be used in sandwich materials where hard materials are mixed with softer or more heat sensitive materials as the tool is working cold but still much faster than if you were grinding or sanding the materials.

This is a fast and easy working tools with a long lifetime that furthermore reduces the stress of the small angle grinder.






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