Digga Truloc Bladed Teeth to Suit A4 Augers

Manufacturer: Digga 
Product Code: TS-1

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Our extensive range of wearparts are designed to suit most augers and ground conditions. Digga Wearparts are cast to the highest quality and utilise premium grade tungsten carbides to ensure maximum wear life. Fitted with Digga's advanced TRULOC or PADLOC tooth locking systems, your drilling has never been so easy to maintain.

Truloc Bladed teeth to suit A4 augers

Digga’s new TRULOC tooth range allows the tooth to be secured in 3 different ways; Use 1, use 2, or use them all. The range also features an easy to remove pin, stabilizing channels and the Digga quality that you’ve come to expect. The TRULOC teeth are suitable for light to moderate ground conditions.








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