Husqvarna T540 XP® 14" Tree Care Chainsaw

Manufacturer: Husqvarna 
Product Code: 967 28 76-14

  • $799.99

Husqvarna T540 XP® is designed for the high-end top handle saw segment, targeting professional customers like full pro arborists, landscapers, garden contractors and utility services who need excellent performance in combination with the best ergonomics.

  •  Cylinder displacement: 2.3 cu.inch
  •  Cylinder displacement: 37.7 cm³
  •  Power output: 2.4 hp
  •  Power output: 1.8 kW
  • Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 3.9 kg


  • AutoTune gives optimal engine performance throughout automatic engine setting. No time spent on carburettor adjustments. It compensates for different fuels, altitude, humidity, temperature and clogged air filter.
  • Adjustable oil pump makes it easy to set the chain lubrication according to your needs.
  • The top handle grip size can be set in three alternative sizes, to perfectly fit your hand.







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