Cannon CBW-30000 Oil Hole Gasket (1500255780900)

Cannon CBW-30000 Oil Hole Gasket

Manufacturer: Cannon Bar Works 
Product Code: CBW-30000

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We currently offer the SuperBar, SuperMini, Carver, and Pruner Bars in the C1 mount, which is a combination of multiple mount patterns and fits on the majority of chainsaws on the market that are under 60 CC. Because the mount is able to fit on multiple saws, there are always mounting holes and oiler holes that are not being used and the possibility for some oil to leak out. 

Some of the newer saws on the market do not come with outside bar plates or solid sprocket covers, and this causes excessive oil to leak. 

The CBW-30000 Oil Hole Gasket, which fits over the bar studs, alongside the mount of the bar, stops oil from leaking out of unused oiler holes. This gasket will now be supplied with all C1 mount bars and also sold separately to retrofit existing C1 mount bars.

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