Cannon Firewood Processing Beaver Bar - B1 Mount (998179995684)

Cannon Firewood Processing Beaver Bar - B1 Mount

Manufacturer: Cannon Bar Works 
Product Code: CBV-B1-27-63-H

  • $440.39

  •  Check Owners Manual for Drive Links
  • Available in .404 pitch sprocket nose or hard nose versions
  • Available in 27″ Beaver and 33″ Otter versions
  • Precision squared and flame hardened rails for a long lasting bar
  • Available in standard .063 gauge
  • Precision ground groove

Cannon Beaver and Otter Bars are the ideal accessory for firewood processors. All Cannon bars are skillfully hand made and put through rigorous quality assurance checks prior to packaging.

These bars are constructed with custom alloy steel that is cold rolled, heat treated, annealed, stress relieved and surface ground. This provides the best possible characteristics of wear resistance, strength, durability, straightness and elasticity.

Precision squared and flamehardened/work hardened rails allow for chain to run straight and true enhancing the speed and smoothness of cut. An individually centered precision ground groove allows for even rail wear, increased rail strength and also reduces damage caused by pinches.

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