Betamax Vertical Post Mount (7463052485)

Betamax Vertical Post Mount

Manufacturer: Betamax 
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The Vertical Post Mount is perfect for lightweight smaller projects with scaffolding. No special tools are required to setup.


Preferred Mounting Option For: Scorpio Plus

  • Lift Capacity: 400 lb
  • Headroom: 19.75 in.
  • Rotation: 180 degrees
  • Material delivery made easy with mount engineered to pivot 180° allowing for convenient unloading at work level
  • Installs easily on existing standard scaffolding. No special tools required.
  • Special saddles are available for mounting to continuous climbing scaffolding
  • Counterweight Clamp Assembly helps balance overall weight distribution, installs easily on standard scaffolding and accommodates your weights
  • All Beta Max Mounting Systems can be customized to your jobsite specifications
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