BERCO 64" 3 Point Hitch Snowblower for 18 to 40 HP Tractor

Manufacturer: Bercomac 
Product Code: 700980-1 / 701036

  • $4,185.00

For tractors with PTO from 18 to 40 HP, with 3 point hitch category 1

For years of fun!

Specially designed for residential use or light utility service, it is robust. Its simplified and ultra reliable mechanism makes it a product of choice. The frame is solidly reinforced to reduce the risk of damage in the event of a frontal or side impact.

Maintenance reduced to a minimum

The gearbox does not require any maintenance during use, only a little lubrication of the chain occasionally will be adequate. The automatic chain compensator saves you from frequent adjustments.

Quick and easy installation

The parking foot allows the height adjustment of the snowblower and the standard 3 point attachment system is installed in 3 clips

Choice of 3 Models:
Snowblower, PTO Shaft, Manual Chute & Deflector kit 700980-1 / 701029 - $3,890
Snowblower, PTO Shaft, Electric Chute & Deflector kit 700980-1 / 701036 - $4185
Snowblower, PTO Shaft, Hydraulic Chute (manual deflector) 700980-1 /701011-1 - Includes hoses  - $4135

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