EZG 3 Strand Barbwire Hog (7679565637)

EZG 3 Strand Barbwire Hog

Manufacturer: EZG Manufacturing 
Product Code: FH-BWH

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The Barbwire Hog® effortlessly dispenses up to three rolls of barbwire simultaneously to save you time and money. Instead of worrying about the difficult labor required for a wire roll, workers simply need to operate the barbwire equipment and ensure the wire is secure after installation.
Install up to three strands simultaneously and complete jobs in a fraction of the time. The hydraulic arm is extremely mobile which allows the operator to accurately unroll wire right against the posts. The pivoting arm at the base makes it possible to lay new wire from either side of the fence.
The Barbwire Hog® can also dispense top or bottom strands of high tinsel wire with a few quick adjustments.
Compact and easy to transport, the Barbwire Hog is easy to get in and out of busy job sites.
  • Overall dimensions (L × W × H)
    113" × 44" × 92"
  • Weight 1125 lbs. (510.3 kg)







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