Imer Mortarman 750 Series Mixer

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1194640

  • $14,899.99

Produce 16 cubic feet of Mud Every Three to Four Minutes with the Mix 750 

The Mix 750 is the perfect partner for busy precast mixing operations. The discharge system is easy to open and close and protected from being hit by a mud bucket or forklift. The safety grate is hinged, making access immediate. The Mix 750 is Mini-Batch Plant production for the cost of a mortar mixer. These mixers develop vast amounts of mixing power, far more than any horizontal shaft mortar mixer. The ability to mix refractory mud or stiff, dry materials is unparalleled in the industry.

Model # 1194640  |   Model without Motor 
Model # 1194574  |   220V/60Hz, 5 HP, Single-Phase
Model # 1194645   |   220V/60Hz, 7.5 HP, 3 Phase
Model # 1194646   |   440V/60Hz, 7.5 HP, 3 Phase
Model # 1194648   |   13 HP Honda GX
Formerly named the Mortarman 750.

    Vertical shaft mixers are more than just mortar mixers.

    The science behind vertical shaft mixers is quite simple. The paddles are in the mix 100% of the time. The material is blended with a stirring action as opposed to a flipping action which high speed film shows is a more aggressive and thorough mixing action. The material is scraped from the side of the drum by the big sweeping arm and lifted from the pan by the lower paddle to ensure uniform and consistent mix. A trident paddle finely blends the material. Our mixers do not trap aggregate down at the bottom of the mixer which jam up the paddles in conventional mortar mixers. Vertical shaft mixers are great to handle dry pack, grouts, thin sets, stuccos, self-leveling materials and mortar

    Technical Specifications

    Drum Capacity: 22 cu. ft.
    Batch Output*: 16 cu. ft.
    Drum Diameter: 52"
    Maximum Aggregate Size: 3/8"
    Discharge Outlet Height (max/min): 29"/23"
    Pneumatic wheels: 22"
    Weight: 1588 lbs
    Electric Motor Rating: 5HP 220V Single Phase/ 7.5HP 220V 3 Phase
    Gas Engine: 13HP Honda w/ elec. start
    Width**: 63" (64")
    Length**: 86" (90")
    Height**: 62" (64")

    (*) Materials can influence Batch Output
    (**) Operating dimensions (Palletized)

    Standard Equipment

    Honda gasoline, single or 3 phase electric motor options
    Tow package - bar, hitch
    22" pneumatic highway tires and torsion bar suspension
    22 cu ft drum capacity
    16 cu ft batch output
    Forklift pockets

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