Wimag 300 Flat Clamp (7680126661)

EZG 300 Flat Clamp

Manufacturer: EZG Manufacturing 
Product Code: 300-100

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Capacity 800kg

Clamp Range 0 - 60mm

  • The clamp with the huge multiplication of 5:1 for the safe transport of plates
  • Great safety due to huge multiplication of 5:1
  • Web sling instead of chain/rope: low weight, no twisting, no injuries
  • The narrow jaw enables the putting down of upright plates or the erection of plates. Even tightly positioned upright plates can be gripped
  • No damage to the plate surface due to rubber coating
  • Spring tension prevents an inadvertent slipping down of the clamp
  • Easy handling by compact and convenient construction
  • Suitable for nearly all material

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