Cannon Chainsaw Bars


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All Cannon Bars are made from high grade, custom formulated, cold rolled and annealed steel

Every Cannon Chainsaw bar is individually handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and built to the highest quality standards. Mass-produced bars do not match our quality standards. When you consider that a Cannon Bar will often out last a mass produced bar by three or more times you can see why they really are less expensive over the long run.

The replaceable hard nose tip is unique to Cannon.  Other manufacturer make non replaceable hard nose bars usually with a cobalt inlay similar to a carving bar. This means when the tip has worn out, the bar is no longer usable and ends up in the trash.  With Cannon bars you can replace the tip and keep on going.

Every Cannon bar is put through rigorous quality assurance checks prior to packaging. There are no exceptions to our quality standards. If a bar is not up to our standards it is scrapped. Cannon bars are built for the professional user to truly benefit from “The Best Bar - Bar None”

  • Up to 3 times (or more) life from a Cannon Bar than a mass produced or laminated bar.
  • Made out of a solid piece of special high strength chrome moly steel. More chrome in it for abrasion resistance and more molybdenum for strength and toughness.
  • Blanks are cut with a waterjet so there is no heat affected zone along the edges.
  • Body of the bar is heat treated, quenched and annealed to a 40-42 Rockwell C hardness.
  • Blanks are surface ground smooth and the groove is put in by hand with a stone.
  • Inside of the rails have a honed smooth surface accurate to .003 of an inch.
  • Rails are flame hardened to 60-62 Rockwell C so the chain wears instead of the bar rails.
  • The hardness is taken much deeper than the mass produced induction hardened bars allowing you to square up the rails many times.
  • After the bar has been flame hardened it is then polished, put through a black oxide treatment and finally it is stressed relived in a special oven.

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