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Since 1955, Cannon Bar Works has provided bars to the forest industry in the United States Pacific Northwest and Western Canada where only the highest quality bar stands a chance of longevity. Cannon has prospered in a competitive world of mass-production bars.

Every Cannon bar is individually made by skilled craftsman. Cannon Bars are made from high grade, custom formulated, cold rolled and annealed steel, that has extra chromium for wear resistance and extra molybdenum for strength. They choose the best steel to make it last. Mass-produced bars are less expensive, but do not come up to their quality standards. Quality involves the expertise and experience that only a journeyman bar man possess.

All of Cannon bars are then put through rigorous quality assurance checks prior to packaging. There are no exceptions to their quality standards. In fact, if a bar is not up to their standards, it is scrapped. There is no compromise! Cannon bars are built for the professional user to truly benefit from “The Best Bar - Bar None”.

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