IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 Lite (7444889413)

IMER Combicut 250VA/1000 Lite - FREE DEPOT SHIPPING (Conditions Apply)

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1188174

  • $2,699.99

The Combi 250/1000 Lite electric tile cutter is designed to cut today's tile and stone pieces which are larger and more expensive than in years past. Using precision cast aluminum and modern hi-tech design and manufacturing methods we have created a saw which is accurate, light, and extremely reliable. The Combi 250/1000 Lite is for those jobs which are smaller in nature, yet require cuts up to 40" length.

Lighter & able to plunge cut!

  • A laser cutting guide now comes standard with every Combi 250/1000 Lite. Mark the line of your cut on the material, line it up with the laser, and go!
  • Perfect 45° cuts. To make a miter cut just tilt the cutting head over to 45°.
  • Plunge cuts are smooth and precise as the cast aluminum cutting head pivots on a sealed bushing. ‘L’ cuts for door jams are now quick n’ simple.

Blade diameter 10"
Blade shaft diameter 5/8"
Max. cutting length (w/plunge cut) 37" (40")
Max. cutting depth 3 ¾"
Motor rating 1.75 h.p. 110 v, 15 amp
Blade speed 2.800 r.p.m.
Weight (boxed, includes stand) 82 (98) lbs., very lite
Water pan capacity 12 gal.
Water pump flow 3 g.p.m.
Noise level 78 db(A) It’s real quiet!
Length 55" (58")
Height 24" (24")
Width 25" (27")






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