Stabila XTL Extendable Door and Window Levels

Manufacturer: Stabila 
Product Code: 35240

  • $169.99

The XTL series of extendable levels was designed for the professional door and window installer. These two sizes have been developed to cover 90 percent of door and window installation needs to the exact size of your openings.

  • Expand and lock at the exact length needed.
  • Expands to fit all common door headers and sills.
  • The wide frame makes the plumb vial easy to read plus in the extended position, the level is locked-in tight and accurate.
  • After 1 year or so of heavy use consider purchasing the extension maintenance kit cat. number 33000. This simple service part will return the slide mechanism to new condition.

Optional Go-Pack case: #30065. Holds the 26in, 48in and has a dedicated pocket for other accessories like small lasers etc.






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