Wyco Concrete Screed power unit with Honda GX35 4-stroke Screed King

Manufacturer: Wyco - RDSI 
Product Code: WS621505

  • $2,420.00

Screed bar is sold separately
75% less vibration to operator's hands
Better concrete consolidation
No tools required to remove board
Improved board integrity
Simpler handle bar adjustments
Better Control
The Lifting handle is located over the center of the mass allowing easy balanced maneuvering.

Screed King's power transfer system has no flex shaft to lubricate. The rubber coupler is engineered to sheer, should the eccentric weight become blocked protecting the bearings from overload damage.

Ease of use
Screed King's adjustable handle bars can accomodate any user height in any depth of concrete and with our exclusive quick release levers no tools are required for adjustment. Our wide handle design provides better line of vision and increased operator comfort when compared to in-line style screeds.

Screed King's unique double dampering system provides 8 rubber bushings to isolate the operator from vibration, minimizing fatigue while providing smoother operation.

Screed King's eccentric weight offers quick and easy in-field adjustment for vibration amplitude without taking the power head off the board.

The Screed King is virtually maintenance free, with no bearings to grease or shafts to lube and comes with an industry best, 2 year warranty on all parts and labour.
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