Wallenstein BXTR5224 Hydraulic Feed - Towable/Self Contained Chipper

Manufacturer: Wallenstein 
Product Code: BXTR5224

  • $19,999.22


  • Control the output of the chipper with the easily adjustable chute allowing the user to direct the flow of chips where they want.
  • Angling the log against the rotor requires less horsepower to chip, saving fuel.
  • Keep your small tools and replacement parts handy.
  • With Wallenstein you have a choice. Products are available in seven solid colours and Realtree EDGE™camouflage. $250 price premium for Realtree EDGE™ camouflage. Pick your colour!
  • Hydraulically powered top and bottom feed rollers grip and pull brush directly into the chipper.
  • For easy transport. No tools are required.
  • Transport your unit with hitch, safety chains, highway tires, and full trailer lighting.
  • Narrow width allows access to hard-to-reach places where larger machines can't go.
  • Extra-large chipper intake backed up by extra-large rotor spinning with high momentum.
  • Extra-large chipper intake easily receives crooked branches, reducing the amount of prior trimming required.
  • The P3 Pulse controller is designed to enhance the machines power, performance, and productivity.
  • The discharge chute is equipped with a positional discharge deflector on the end of the chute to direct the chips exactly where desired.
  • Threaded eyebolts allow positive fine positioning of ledger plate.
  • Standard reversible rotor knives double the longevity of your knives.
  • Forward/reverse control with two stop positions.
  • The Axles are designed to absorb road impact, providing a smoother towing experience.
  • The discharge paddle passes around the twig breaker and helps to break the material into smaller pieces and turn it into mulch.

    Chipping Capacity: 5" (13 cm)
    On-Board Intelligence: P3 Pulse™
    Chipper Type: Disc
    Feed System: Hydraulic Roller Feed
    Max. Feed Rate: 85 fpm (26 mpm)
    Engine: 688 CC Honda GX690
    Chipper Hopper Opening: 24" x 35" (61 cm x 89 cm)
    Chipper Rotor Opening: 5.25" x 9" (13 cm x 23 cm)
    Number Of Chipper Knives: 2
    Rotor Diameter: 25" (64 cm)
    Rotor Weight : 117 lbs (53 kg)
    Discharge Chute Height: 80" (203 cm)
    Discharge Chute Rotation: 360°
    Drive System: Centrifugal Clutch, Belt Drive
    Engine RPM: 3600
    Rotor RPM: 1340
    Tires: 5.30-12
    Hitch: 2" Ball
    Electric Brakes: No
    Total Weight: 1425 lbs (646 kg)
    Dimensions Open (LxWxH): 126" x 54" x 80" (320 cm x 137 cm x 203 cm)
    Dimensions Folded (LxWxH): 107" x 54" x 80" (320 cm x 137 cm x 203 cm)
    Hydraulic Capacity: 5 US gal (19 l)
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.5 US gal (25 l)








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