Flat Pleated Paper Filter (969626877988)

Bosch VF100 Flat Pleated Paper Filter

Manufacturer: BOSCH 
Product Code: VF100

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The Bosch VF100 Flat Pleated Paper (Cellulose) Filter is designed for Bosch VAC series dust extractors, including the VAC090A, the VAC090S, the VAC140A and the VAC140S. This filter captures 99.9% of particles 2.0 microns and larger. It is designed for dry use. The flat design provides for greater canister capacity, allows for easy installation and does not extend down into the canister. The VF100 filter does not, however, allow any of the Bosch VAC series dust extractors to meet the EPA definition of a HEPA vacuum or to meet all of the OSHA filtration-efficiency regulations for collecting respirable crystalline silica dust. To help meet those requirements, Bosch offers the VF120H HEPA filter, and pairing it with the VAC090A or the VAC140A can help users move toward compliance with the EPA and OSHA requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Substantial filtration for most purposes – captures 99.9% of particles 2.0 microns and larger
  • Easy installation – features a flat design that allows for simple installing
  • Enlarged capacity – enables more room because filter does not extend down in canister
  • Not HEPA rated – for a HEPA-rated filter, Bosch offers the VF120H HEPA Filter
  • Designed for dry-vacuuming – although the VF100 can be used for wet-vacuuming in a pinch, it is not intended for wet-vac use and can deteriorate after wet-vacuuming; Bosch offers the VF110 Polyester Filter for wet-vac applications
  • Compatible with VAC090- and VAC140-Series dust extractors

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Paper
  • Pieces: 1.0
  • Type: Standard Filter
  • Includes: 1 Flat Pleated Paper Filter
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