The Samurai - Walk Behind Brush Cutter (6597408227488)

The Samurai - Walk Behind Brush Cutter

Manufacturer: IPS Honda 
Product Code: SH72H

  • $4,899.99

A Walk-Behind Brush Cutter That Slashes Away Brush
The Samurai Mower, a Walk Behind Brush Cutter by Orec, is used by professionals across many industries from landscaping and parks maintenance to organic farming and vineyard management. The Samurai has become a staple among outdoor professionals from its one-of-a-kind, user-friendly design. Its powerful rotary blade slashes all types of brush to the ground including tall grass, weeds, and even small saplings.

The Samurai is Tough, Versatile, and Efficient
Every professional and residential consumer has tried at least once in their life to remove brush with the wrong equipment. It either quickly damaged the wrong equipment being used for the task or the user eventually realized they were partaking in a pointless exercise in futility. If they had started with a Samurai, their experience would have yielded a much different result. This brush cutter was designed to take on the abuse of routine brush mowing. It might look like a simple machine from the outside, but believe us, decades of innovation have gone into what the Samurai is today – it’s one, tough, versatile, and efficient brush-munching machine! The Hydro version of the Samurai Mower features a variable speed lever that makes it the easiest to use in the industry. The locking differential can get you through mushy and uneven terrain while our unique large front wheel design is durable and makes it easy to turn the Samurai through tight corners and around obstacles. You can adjust the cutting height from two to four inches simply by turning a crank and our ergonomic design allows you to control the Samurai with ease.

SH72H Samurai Mower, Hydro
Type Honda (gas)
Displacement 389 cc
Horsepower 10.2 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.1 L


Work performance
Cutting Width 70 cm
Cutting height 60 - 115 mm (variable)
Cutting System Rotary
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