T & H Thin Stone Veneer Set (4485048828035)

T & H Thin Stone Veneer Set

Manufacturer: Trow & Holden 
Product Code: 26016306

  • $678.99

Achieve a more refined hand-cut finish when trimming thin stone veneer with Trow & Holden's Thin Stone Veneer tools, and reduce the need for loud, dusty angle grinder cuts and unpredictable brick hammer work.

Product Features:

  • 12 lb Thin Stone Veneer Hardie with 4" hardened steel blade
  • 2 lb Thin Stone Veneer Hammer with 1-1/4" carbide-tipped trimming blade and beveled striking face
  • Carbide Mason's Chipper with 1-1/4" blade and 3/4" stock

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