Diteq C/S-33GD Stone Cutter Wet/Dry Use Diamond Blades (7517160901)

Diteq C/S-33GD Stone Cutter Wet/Dry Use Diamond Blades

Manufacturer: Diteq 
Product Code: D11067

  • $119.99


  • Fast Cutting Speed.
  • Laser Welded.
  • Wet/Dry Use.
  • Holes in the core promote cooling when dry sawing.
  • .472” Segment Height for long life.

The DITEQ Stone Cutter is designed to cut a wide variety of stone DRY!

End the hassle of having to connect to a water source and having to deal with the messy slurry by using the new DITEQ Stone Cutter. DITEQ developed this blade specifically to cut dry through hard stone materials using high speed saws, hydraulic hand saws, or masonry brick and block saws.

The DITEQ Stone Cutter blade utilizes ARIX diamond arrangement technology that strategically places each diamond particle throughout the segment and will outperform competitive blades by giving you both better speed and longer life. The DITEQ Stone Cutter also gains optimal segment strength with high quality titanium coated diamonds and the air-cooled structural core prevents overheating.

ARIX™ diamond arrangement technology for faster cutting speed and longer blade life.

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